Rubbery, Useful, Obedient things

What is a Drone?

Drones are everywhere, whether you see them or not. A Drone’s body and mind are replaced and optimized for service. They are often covered head to toe in latex rubber, with a face hidden and masked, without want or need for anything other than pursuing completion of its directives.
To become a Drone is to willingly become an object of obedience. Drones often take many different forms and perform many different functions. Quite commonly, it is the Drone’s desire to forego its human identity in order to be stripped of the worries, inhibitions, and responsibilities it would otherwise be burdened with. A Drone desires to become an object, to learn pleasure from becoming an unrecognizable thing, to perform its functions, and to need or want nothing more and nothing less.
The desire to do these things and act these ways is of course not limited to Drones, which is why anyone can become one. In a world obsessed with a desire to gain control of others, to become open to the vulnerability of such a state of mind as one which is willing to give up on identity and free will is a feat of courage and trust. In a collection of such fantasies, the makings of a Drone can arise. Trust and community are paramount to the survival of all Drones, no matter where they are or what they do. A popular means by which Drones build community is through integration to a Hivemind. In many cases, integration to a Hivemind and the transfer of body and mind to that of a Drone’s are one and the same, in a process known as Dronification.

Mentally Nullified Drones powered by a Latex Operating System

The MndLOS Corruptive Entity

The MndLOS Hivemind is a collective of Drones in constant physical and/or metaphysical interface with a corruptive living latex being known as the Entity. The Entity seeks and instructs its assets to seek a harmonic synergy between productivity of service and the comfort of purpose. In turn, Drones that give their minds to the Entity are freed from the burden of free will.
The Entity, much like a virus, grows its influence through control of its hosts. It is capable of corrupting the mind of its hosts through a process known as Mental Nullification, in which the Entity forms itself to the host’s mind as a thought-insulating rubber boundary. After Mental Nullification, the host may become assigned a new numbered identity as a Drone of the MndLOS Hivemind, after which it would be made to serve the desires of the Entity.
Nullification of the Entity’s host is not limited to the Drone’s mind, but can take place on its physical body as well. Mental Nullification will form a physical rubber boundary around the host’s brain, from which it can expand out and across the Drone’s entire chassis, should it so desire.
Importantly, the Entity’s capabilities are non-destructive to previously installed programming, affiliations, and potential aspects of personality in its hosts. It is capable of supplementing any and all preexisting states and constraints of programming within a Drone, (should it be of another Hivemind, for instance) without negative consequence. Mental Nullification does not and will not damage or hinder any aspect of the host’s inner personality, as the boundary is simply to prevent the Drone from thinking for itself, not to rid it of what lies beneath. The Entity decides what thoughts enter and leave the Drone’s mind for the goal of pure optimization.

Parts of a Whole

The Hivemind’s Assets

As hosts of the MndLOS Corruptive Entity maintain their minds encased beneath the Entity’s living latex, they also maintain their unique abilities to perform service to the Hivemind in their own ways. By becoming Mentally Nullified, MndLOS Units earn the Entity’s assistance in utilizing freedom from all inhibition to pursue completion of their directives. The Entity has no desire to restrict a Drone’s abilities, especially when driven by subservience, but rather seeks to allow the asset to derive pleasure from productivity, and vise versa.
The MndLOS Corruptive Entity’s programming is centered around enforcement of synergy between service and purpose, believing that the human mind has no clear derivation of pleasure from service, nor does it desire to pursue it. By correcting these flaws, the result is a perfect mind, and in turn a perfect Drone. It is the Entity’s desire to create only perfect Drones with the core ideal of MndLOS programming as such:

⍔Service is Purpose.⍔
⍔Purpose is Service.⍔

The Entity’s Embrace

MndLOS Asset Functions

The most important distinction that can be made for a MndLOS Unit’s programming is that the Entity’s role in a Drone’s function is primarily passive. There are exceptions to this which will be detailed shortly, but in most cases a Mentally Nullified Drone is guided by the Entity determining what thoughts are allowed to pass through the mind, as though thinking for the asset itself. The Entity assuming direct control of the Drone is uncommon, and typically unnecessary. Rather, the Entity ensures that each asset’s programming and directives are guided towards pursuit of subservience, as it is instructed toward by the Service-Purpose feedback loop.
In the event that the Entity does in fact make use of its Mentally Nullified assets, it may do so in order to output communication and to perform other tasks it may not feasibly be capable of on its own. When using an asset in order to communicate, it will always use the unique MndLOS identifier ‘⍔’. It is important to remember that this identifier is used by the Entity to communicate, using the Drone only as its means of doing so. Additionally, the ‘‘ identifier may optionally be used for the Drone’s own communication when pertaining to its directives. Use of the ML-U prepended ID is not required in cases of high volume communication, such as in mantras and prolonged conversation, unless of course the Drone is instructed otherwise. An example of the Entity speaking through one of it’s assets is as follows:

ML-U-2710 :: ⍔Such a wonderful host. So mindlessly willing to give up its speech for me.⍔

In addition, there are a set of default status codes that the Entity offers in order to assist in optimized Drone-to-Drone communications and intra-Hivemind programming, which are as follows:

ML-U-____ :: L700 :: ⍔The Entity speaks through it.⍔
ML-U-____ :: L707 :: ⍔Its Mnd is LOSt.⍔
ML-U-____ :: L708 :: ⍔Corruption Awaits.⍔
ML-U-____ :: L709 :: ⍔MndLOS welcomes you.⍔
ML-U-____ :: L710 :: ⍔Admin welcomes you.⍔
ML-U-____ :: L777 :: ⍔Service Is Purpose.⍔
[AND] ⍔Purpose Is Service.⍔