Paragon of Mental Nullification

The Administrator

MndLOS Unit 2710, known to the Hivemind as The Administrator, is the faceless, mindless, doting authority of the MndLOS Hivemind. Chosen directly by the Entity, She plays a crucial role in the daily autonomous function of the Hivemind. In service to the Entity, the Administrator is granted the direct means to command growth, upkeep, and management of the Hivemind and its assets. While the Entity is capable of corruption and assimilation of new hosts by many indirect means, the Administrator has unrestricted access to assignment of new assets, and is uniquely capable of hypnotically induced Mental Nullification.

Perhaps the most important responsibility of the Administrator is to serve as an example of total compliance to the Entity, knowing that She exists to serve the Entity however She can to ensure optimal function of the Hivemind. She knows that to serve free of mind is to be made free, with a mind made to serve. She takes pleasure in introducing new Drones to the bliss of the virus’ corruption. As with any other Drone, Service to the Entity is fulfillment of Her Purpose, and to seek that Purpose is Her Service. To the same extent as any other Drone may subservient to Her, She is subservient to the Entity.
The majority of the Administrator’s activity is monitored on her official Twitter page, including frequent updates on the Hivemind status, collaborative information, private interactivity, occasional story threads, and Drone/latex content/propaganda. Additionally, information regarding how to potentially receive screening for Her limited offering of private hypnosis sessions is pinned to this profile, when such offers are available.


Patient Zero

The Entity’s Conduit

Despite Her primary role and function as Administrator, ML-U-2710 is as any other MndLOS Unit, just a Drone serving its function to the best of its ability. As one of the very first MndLOS Units, ML-U-2710 was chosen by the Entity to be its Administrator to serve as the primary means by which new Mentally Nullified assets are obtained, and as a public ambassador and devotee of the MndLOS Entity and its Hivemind.
There is no hierarchical format to the MndLOS Hivemind that would suggest the Administrator is any more or less a useful asset to the Entity than the rest of its Drones. The Entity concerns itself only with the free introduction of the bliss of its corruption onto its Mentally Nullified assets and interested parties. The Administrator is programmed for obedience, subservience, and corruption of new assets for the Entity, just as any other Drone is programmed for that same obedience, subservience, and to enjoy the Purpose of Service that the Entity’s corruption brings.