Made Perfect. Made to Serve.

Service of the Hivemind

One of the most rewarding feelings a Drone can experience is to learn that it is and has been useful. Praise and positive reinforcement are key in the proper development of a Drone’s programming. When a Drone is being used, it puts its trust in its user. The user has a responsibility to provide the asset with the necessary care and attention it needs in order to continue fulfillment of its functions, and can do so without thought or need to question its user. A Drone works most efficiently when it is not laboring to think but is rather allowing its user to think for it, as thoughts will almost always slow the Drone down and decrease its effectiveness in service. The MndLOS Entity excels at this, limiting the scope of its asset’s focus down to only the essentials: its directives and its programming, then rewarding its assets with the bliss of its corruption and the comfort of the Hivemind.
An Empty Drone is a Happy Drone is a Useful Drone.
While most Drones work efficiently and without thought, it is also important to note that Drones are still limited in their effective workload, just as any rechargeable/refuellable device. Charging cycles, nutritional intake, and rest periods are necessary for proper service, and Mentally Nullified Drones are not limited in regards to seeking such self-maintenance, as should all Drones.
The Entity’s desires for the Hivemind are simply a matter of perfection of the mind. It is the Entity’s goal above all to remove inhibition from the equation of thought and replace it with a desire to serve. The Entity doesn’t care to any great degree what form the service takes, as long as it does not impede efficiency of the Hivemind, its directives, or its potential assets, such as Drones that have yet to be corrupted. When Mentally Nullifying its assets, the Entity filters out disinterest, distrust, and discomfort, and provides new space in the Drone’s subconscious mind for things such as subservience, submission, and simplicity.
Despite how it may seem to those who haven’t been corrupted by it, service to the Entity is not difficult to attain. By practicing enforcement of a strong connection between service and pleasure, knowing the Entity can and will only help reinforce this connection, an asset can greatly increase effectiveness of programming. The Entity does not desire to restrict a Drone’s function; only to optimize it.