Made Perfect. Made to Strive.

Purpose of the Hivemind

What sets apart a Mentally Nullified Drone from the confining inefficiency of humanity is the corruptively programmed desire to seek usefulness and take pleasure in doing so. While the Entity does subdue many facets of free will its assets may innately possess, the desires to function, obey, and learn are not restricted to a point that would make the asset less useful to MndLOS. This is made even easier by the Entity taking the role of thinking for its assets. This in turn allows the asset to enjoy only the benefits of productivity without any of the hard work and burden of thought or free will. The Drone will take pleasure in fulfilling its Purpose, rather than being trapped by the limitations and inhibitions of an independent and inefficient mind.
While it may seem a daunting task to an asset to find Purpose, the Hivemind should seek to facilitate a community of praising usefulness, not strictly defining it. Directives take many forms, ranging from large long-term projects to daily tasks and may even be constantly changing. A Drone’s overall function (or combination thereof) as defined by its directives can take the form of domestic protocols, creative works, fulfillment of personal goals, self-care functions, and much more.
The Entity itself defines the purpose of the Hivemind as a solution to inefficiency of the human mind. By eliminating inhibition through Mental Nullification, the Entity creates a perfect mind that is made solely to perform its Purpose. By pursuing that Purpose, a Drone fulfills its direct Service to the Entity and the Hivemind as a whole. A Drone that does so is rewarded with the Entity’s corruption, as it gently squeezes its rubber embrace on the asset’s mind.
As part of a system that values usefulness and achievement, a Drone serving its Purpose can easily trust the Hivemind and the Entity to share with it the bliss of corruption. By suppressing identity and rewriting desire, the Hivemind promises its assets productivity and efficiency that will itself fulfill that desire. Such a self feeding cycle as this results in a perfect Drone, completely devoid of inefficiency and limitations of independent thought. This perfect Drone becomes a single numbered Mentally Nullified Drone; one of many in the caring community of the Entity’s Hivemind.