How We Have Fun and Stay Sane

Real Talk: Policies and Guidelines

In interactions with any community of any kind, there’s a need for ground rules. In kink and fetish communities, especially when involving role play and power play, those rules are in place to protect people and their consent. MndLOS and the Dronification community as a whole are no different. There is only one individual in charge of their consent, and that is their own self.
Dronification often overlaps several kinks, and can differ in that overlap from community to community. For instance, while some Drones may be heavily involved in hypnosis, some may have strong interest in heavy bondage, some Drones may indulge in both, and others in neither. Regardless of any interest of an individual or community, clear communication and boundary setting are not only smart but required.
The MndLOS Corruptive Entity’s Hivemind, as deep as it can be immersed into, is confined completely by consent. There is no exact predetermined rules for how a Drone must act, look, or think, regardless of what could be said otherwise. All of these things are defined by consent.
Aspects of role playing and fantasy play heavily into what makes the Hivemind function, but fantasy, when immersed at a large scale, can become quite unexpectedly real. This can be both a good and bad thing. A healthy fascination with the Entity is one that maintains a state of Sane Fantasy. This is achieved by the understanding that while it may be thrilling and pleasurable to enjoy all that the community has to offer, your real life remains your real life. Making the Entity become your real life is unhealthy and unreasonable. The Hivemind is simply a name for a group of Dronification enthusiasts, and to immerse yourself in the Hivemind is not a real world assimilation but should rather remain a healthy exploration.
In keeping with these guidelines of Sane Fantasy, the community will not only stay safe and sane, but will also have as much fun as it can in doing so. It is helpful and important to remember that to many individuals of the Dronification community, the fantasy of the Hivemind can be an escape from reality, and individuals may in fact differ widely in their perception of the kink. While for some, the experience of Dronification is a sexual outlet, for others Dronification has a more therapeutic and calming role in their experiences. In many cases, Dronification is helpful and valuable for ‘leveling the playing field’ of a group. Becoming faceless, identical Drones can effectively destroy perceived differences in all manners of identity, be it orientation, gender, or physical attributes. This can be a very inviting attribute to the kink, but should not be taken to mean a complete abandonment of personal identity.

The MndLOS Corruptive Entity does not tolerate nor condone any of the following:

> Any action, mindset, or attitude that needlessly go beyond Sane Fantasy.

> Statements or behaviors that would affirm a cultish idolization of the Administrator or the Entity that needlessly goes beyond Sane Fantasy.
As tempting as it may be to do outside of a fantasy setting, idolizing the Administrator or the Entity borders on obsessive and can be a very uncomfortable experience for Her and many others, even if well intentioned.

> Statements or behaviors that attempt to determine any other group or individual’s ability to either fit in or not fit in to the community. (Gatekeeping)

> Discrimination on the basis of race, culture, gender, orientation, etc. for any reason at all.

> Abuse of consent or lack of respect for the boundaries of any and all individuals.